Welcome to my theWord Module website. This website is basically a copy of my own personal theWord modules. I do a lot of editing, creating index modules of the rest, and cross linking between my files so that I can get at information without having to actually search all the time. When I find the best book or chapter on a topic, I try to link it into an index file. You will benefit from these tweaks as I upload files.

Please see how to install (below in this post). For list of files, see below.

If you download a lot of modules, please spread it out over several days so as to now stymie my server, and bring the whole place down. Think of others please!

This is a library specially made for theWord Bible Software modules. In comparison to other Bible software programs, most or none have the ability to group your resources in Module Layout Sets. (See link for a tutorial on how to do this) As such for these module layout sets to work, you need to select the actual files in each group. What this present website does is to present you modules where each tw module has a keyword of its category in the filename, i.e.


belongs to the “heaven” module layout set. This makes Module Layout Set creation super easy and super powerful.

Additionally, theWord has the strength of allowing jumps (hyperlinks) between modules, so I am slowly adding these links so that you can quickly move between them.

How to Install these files

Basically this website and theWord are the easiest way to find, download, and install libraries of books for your Bible study. Note that theWord has a very useful ability to take zip file of theWord modules, change the extension “zip” to “twzip”, and then handle it. By handle it I mean, this is what you do. You first click on the link and download the twzip file to your computer. In your computer, click on it in the Windows File Browser (or click on the actual file in the bottom of the Internet browser window). And theWord will handle everything else from there. It will install the files (you will get a list of all the files in the twzip file, and check or uncheck those you want or don’t want), and then theWord will offer to run the program. Nothing could be simpler!

File Sizes

Note that it is a lot easier (from a webmaster’s viewpoint) to simply make a lot of individual files. To group together a lot of files is okay, but once you start getting over 30MBs or so, problems start arising there also. For the sake of ease of my users, I am setting a maximum file size of 50MB, and so all groups will be broken into multiple files when they reach 50MB.

There are no Archives of old Posts

The concept of this website is a little bit different from other websites where I have modules for download. This is just a mirror of my working theWord modules. Therefore, as my files change, so will these archives change. Since each download is a group of theWord modules, it would be very difficult to individually change files and then post these changes on an individual basis. Archives are even more out of the question.

As such, this website is going to be used in tandem with my other theWord website, www.twmodules.com. For en masse downloads, come here. After a period of time when I can get to it, I will have individual “update this module” links in each module and you will just click on that link to automatically download a new version of the current module.

Current Libraries for Download