theWord Baptist Library

theWord Baptist Library

theWord Baptist Library
By David Cox

This theword zip pack is specifically dedicated to the Baptist denomination, specifically looking at what they say about themselves. If I find works written about Bapists from other denominational perspectives, these would be included in the Library although most probably they would be antagonist to their position. In general what we have here is very limited at the present to a few works, and one of them is J.M. Carroll’s Trail of Blood, which is the Baptist_Bride position, which is not a widely held position among all of this group.

I would also point out my own tract on why we call ourselves Bapists. While the Baptist_Briders wish to follow Catholicism in trying to trace a direct route through a specific church in each century, I feel that my position as a Bapist is to follow the Bible, with or without any direct intermediaries between ourselves and the Bible. In this position, we take the Prophet, John the Bapist’s ministry of calling attention to Christ as the model of our ministry. In this thinking, John clearly preached Christ, and preached against the common sins of the people in front of him. To me, David Cox, this is my ideal of being a Bapist, like John the Bapist.

Because of SEO, I have had to remove some instances of the keyword so as to reduce the number on this page. Instead, I put “Bapists”. This is not a type-o-graphical error. It is done on purpose.

theWord Baptist Library

This zip file contains the following theWord modules on Baptists.
Note that for reasons of SEO, I have replaced the word “Baptist” with “Bapist” so that the keyword density is not spamming. The actual modules in the zippack are correctly named.


The Baptist Library
The Baptist Library
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