theWord anthropology (Man) Library

theWord Anthropology.

theWord Anthropology.
By David Cox

In this library, I have placed books that deal with man and his nature or situation (in sin). This is a zip pack of theword modules for free, which deal with theWord Anthropology books, or books on the doctrine of man. The biblical study of the doctrine of man is know as “anthropology” coming from logos (principle) and anthropos (man). This is a biblical perspective on what man is, what his character is (sinfulness), and how God sees man.

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Although these works describe and explain man’s make-up or essense, they do so from a biblical point of view. When we look at what “man” says about man, even presumeably from a biblical standpoint, we must also realize that each of these men have a theological background that puts a perspective or “spin” on how he sees things. For example, an armenianist will see man as “able”, and a Calvinist as “unable” in anything spiritual, so their perspectives is as important an element as what God says, because everything they say becomes distorted by or because of their personal viewpoint.

The Anthropology Library
The Anthropology Library
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