Author: Pastor David

theWord Calvinism Reformed Library


Calvinism Library

In this theWord zip library, I present to you various books on Calvinism, basically dangers of it. These books are about Calvinism, and many works by people like Boettner (who is a Calvinist) do not have the tag “Calvinism” on them. I tag them as “Reformed”. If you want pro-views please search for “Reformed” works.

Note that I had to change the actual filenames for this internet webpage, substituting “calvin-ism” for “calvinism” for SEO purposes. In the actual zip file, all “calvin-ism” is “calvinism”. Continue reading

theWord Christology Library


The Doctrine of Christ

In this tw Zip Pack, I present works on the doctrine of Christ, or Christology.

Christology zip –

reich-messianic-hope-of-israel(christ).gbk.twm Continue reading

theWord NT Commentaries Acts

theWord NT Commentaries 1-2 Peter

theWord NT Commentaries Acts
By David Cox

These are all commentaries on Luke’s work on the Acts of the Apostles, or the Acts of the Holy Spirit.

Note that the key phrases in brackets and parentheses () {} like (1pemt) and (2pecmt) are key phrases used to help you make a module set, and get to just these commentaries in a module set so you can quickly flip back and forth between these commentaries on the same books you are studying. You can see my post on where I explain making these module sets in detail for your benefit and ease in searching your theWord module library.

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theWord Christian Biographies Library

Christian Biographies

Christian BiographiesChristian Biographies. In this library we examine different people (outside of the Old and New Testament) that were influential or important people in Christianity, giving the biography of their life and ministry.

These works on Christian biographies can be in any denomination or thought group, and some are more generalized as an overview of many different thought groups or denominations. I have not filtered these Christian biographies as far as good people versus bad people (from my point of view) I am simply offering these as a study material resource so that you have access to material for whomever you wish to study. Continue reading

theWord Bible Dictionaries Library

theWord Bible Dictionaries Library

theWord Bible Dictionaries Library
By David Cox

In this theWord Library, we present various Bible Dictionaries for your Bible study. These include famous old Bible Dictionaries, as well as some more modern ones. Note that because of the size of some of these dictionaries, I have divided them up into different zips (or individual file downloads). Easton is larger than what you can find it elsewhere because I have gone back and added images from the original work. Continue reading

theWord Bibles Library

David’s Electronic Bibles theWord Library

In this library of Electronic Bibles, I present to you different versions of the English Bible, God’s Holy Word, in free Bible program theWord format for your Bible study. TheWord is a great Bible app program, for use in Bible Reading, Bible Book studies, and is a good daily Bible Reading program. You can stop your Bible Search, because these Bible resources and the theWord Bible tool are great resources for the serious Bible Student. By using this program, you will get a better understanding the Bible. If you are looking for Bible answers, then the resource of free electronic bible program, theWord, cannot be beaten. Some of the Bible society projects have been open to Creative Commons which has helped our effort here.

Some of these study Bibles are a reference Bible, which has cross references and other helps for the Bible student. Continue reading

theWord Bible Introduction Library

theWord Bible Introduction Library

theWord Bible Introduction Library
By David Cox

In this library we have works that are a Bible Introduction on different parts of Scripture. The Word of God is considered as to the technical data of each individual book, this being the human author, the circumstance in which it was written, the target people written to, particulars of the book, etc.

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